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Jan 22,  · Southern elephant seals are a bit larger than northern elephant seals. Males of both species are much larger than females. An average adult southern male may weigh 3, kg (6, lb) and reach a length of 5 m (16 ft), while the adult female (cow) weighs about kg (2, lb) and it measures about 3 m (10 ft) long. Nov 10,  · February 2, Early winter morning at low tide, Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery North Beach. It’s time for the adult female seals (moms) who gave birth in early January to mate and leave the beach on their short migration. Their .

Molting juvenile elephant seal Maximum measurements: Length. Male 13’6” ( m) Female 10’ (3 m) Weight. Male 4, lb (2, kg) Female 1, lb ( kg) Appearance. Adult males much are larger than females; Adult males have large inflatable proboscis; Color gray . The southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina) is one of two species of elephant is the largest member of the clade Pinnipedia and the order Carnivora, as well as the largest extant marine mammal that is not a gets its name from its massive size and the large proboscis of the adult male, which is used to produce very loud roars, especially during the breeding Mammalia.

Adult female survival as a potential proximate factor responsible for observed changes in southern elephant seal Mirounga leonina populations was investigated. We compared the survival rate estimates from mark–recapture data for female elephant seals from the Marion Island population (using program MARK) for two periods (pre- and post-decline) during the past 15 years and with estimates from. Female elephant seal counts this season compared to average female counts from at the three Point Reyes National Seashore breeding colonies. After a slow start to the season, the number of cows on Point Reyes beaches begins to surpass the average on January 17th. Elephant Seal Pup Counts, Winter

As elephant seals get older and bigger, their mortality rate drops. Adult male mortality rate is presumed higher than an adult female's. Despite these fairly high mortality numbers, the current elephant seal population is estimated to be growing at about 10% per year. Illnesses. Female elephant seal counts this season compared to average female counts from at the three Point Reyes National Seashore breeding colonies. An adult seal averages breath holds of minutes but can hold their breath on land for up to 25 minutes! If you are worried that a seal on the beach may be deceased, be patient and wait for.

A male elephant seal, after being rejected by one female, goes after another while crushing a baby seal at the same time. The mother of the baby being crushe. Dec 20,  · Alpha male elephant seal engaging a younger adult male. Northern Elephant Seal (M. angustirostris) scene at the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal south viewing area, which is north of San Simeon, CA, 20 April One of three Photos taken. Birthing started three days ago on approximately 17 Dec We saw two baby Elephant Seals today 20 Dec Views: K.