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Aug 21,  · Harry and Hermione danced—a spur-of-the-moment activity. Harry ached to kiss Hermione. He got the distinct impression that she likewise wanted to kiss him. Because Harry and Hermione were soulmates, amazing magic would have happened afterwards if they had kissed. But because of the Loyalty (to Ron) potions in both their bloodstreams, they did not kiss. Dec 25,  · Hermione Granger/Daphne Greengrass/Harry Potter (15) Hermione Granger/Harry Potter (6) Daphne Greengrass/Harry Potter (3) Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley (2) Harry Potter/Nymphadora Tonks (2) Harry Potter/Other(s) (2) Harry Potter/Lily Evans Potter (2) Fate Testarossa Harlaown/Takamachi Nanoha (2) Vita/Yagami Hayate (2) Cho Chang/Harry Potter .

Granger closed up the boot of the car, and Harry hopped into the back seat next to Hermione. As they set off, Harry couldn’t quite believe his luck. In the space of a few days, he’d gone from dreading the rest of the summer, to expecting to be expelled, to assuming he’d be spending the summer alone, albeit in a great place, and now he was. Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley (1) Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley (1) Hermione Granger/Harry Potter (1) Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy (1) Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood (1) Hermione Granger & Draco Malfoy (1) Ron Weasley/Original Female Character(s) (1) Draco Malfoy & Narcissa Black Malfoy (1) Mr Granger/Mrs Granger (Harry Potter) (1) Exclude.

A Hint of Granger; The Best Harry Potter Costumes as Hermione Sep 22, - 3 Recommendations If you are looking to wear a Halloween costume from the Harry Potter series and are not sure which character to go for, Hermione is a great choice. It only took him about a second to choose who to save. Hermione. Harry threw himself between Snape and Hermione. The spell stopped hitting Hermione, and redirected itself toward Harry. Hermione lay on the ground, shaking because of the after effects of the spell. A man with longblond hair on Harry's left walked toward Hermione.

Jan 26,  · Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Harry Potter Draco Malfoy Hermione Granger Dramione Harry Potter Hermione Granger And Draco Malfo Wizards Magic Cute Fluff Angst There was a time when Hermione and Draco wanted to be together, but it . Home Fan Fiction. Fan Fiction. The Big Short Fluff Bingo Harry Potter Hawaii Five-0 Magnificent 7 MCU Adult Only. This site is intended for those over the age of consent. Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger Draco Malfoy/Neville Longbottom Ezra Standish/Vin Tanner Harry Potter/Hermione Granger John Sheppard/Rodney.

Harry Potter () Hermione Granger () Ron Weasley () Ginny Weasley () Draco Malfoy () Luna Lovegood () Neville Longbottom () Sirius Black () Albus Dumbledore () Severus Snape () Include Relationships Hermione Granger/Harry Potter () Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley () Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley (). Harry should have expected that something would go wrong. Although, he would later say that maybe, just maybe, it wasn't such a bad thing. Rating: This story is T rated for slightly coarse language and a slight sexual scene. Genres: Romance. Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger. Pairings: Harry/Hermione ~~*~~ Amortentia ~~*~~.