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Please note that most of the starseed traits and characteristics are very similar to those associated with Indigo Children and Lightworkers. All of them do share a common purpose on the planet. Many children that are considered Indigo's are actually starseed children, but not all Indigos are star seeded souls. Indigo Children Characteristics. With the advance of indigo children, they seem to be the next step in evolution. In the many recent years most have have searched for spirituality outside them selves. With the coming of the Indigo children, there comes a exciting new evolutionary variations, your spiritual self has always been within yourself.

Sep 07,  · Indigo children are born between the s and the s really similar as the baby boomers of the generation x. They are rebellious and unable to conform to dysfunctional situations at home, work, or school. They are warriors in spirit. Feb 16,  · The main traits of Indigo Starseeds: Intuitive, strong-willed, and sensitive; Want to live a life of meaning rather than just making money; Above average IQ; Resistance to authority. The main traits of Crystal Starseeds: Idealists to their core; Follow their hearts above all else; Often act on impulse and without thinking; Feel connected to.

Recommended: Which Of These Indigo Adult Characteristics Do You Have? The Starseed generally possesses a strong life-purpose and a deep underlying feeling of having a mission to fulfill on Earth. Most people who identify as Starseeds also share the belief that they have not only lived on other planets before, but that their genes also possess. Jul 25,  · Here’s a rundown on the traits and characteristics of Indigo children and Blue Ray adults who have awakened en masse to witness and assist with this spectacular transformation of man and planet. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you will fit nicely into one of these two categories.

Indigo 1 is able to easily communicate with Krystal Star and Guardian Host so about 10 years ago they started Indigo 3 ending clauses so they could get as many Indigo 1’s to incarnate on the earth in this window of time. All Indigo 3’s walking on this earth now are potentially full Oraphim template or Indigo 1’s in the near future. Oct 03,  · Related: Starseed, Indigo, and Crystal Children Traits (You could be one?) 4. You are an animal person. Indigo adults have a deep connection with both flora and fauna. Empathizing with animals come as naturally as breathing to them. Their notion of inequality is not just limited to Mykh.

Sep 29,  · Other Indigo traits have been described as having a high IQ, acute intuition, self-confidence, resistance to authority, “old soul” qualities, sensitivity to chemicals and fluorescent lights, and disruptive tendencies. The latter is often diagnosed as an attention-deficit disorder or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Jun 17,  · The aura was also under the influence of the metallic beige hue, protecting them from external attacks and excessively early showing of indigo early childhood, the Alpha had a feeling of being different, as if they did not belong to their home, country, or reasons for these differences were always vague and never provided a .