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The strokes of the cane are genuine as are her tears. The various positions adopted offer ideas to any of us to use and I suspect she enjoyed CP even before doing this photo story. Do we know who caned her? Yes I have bent over a chair many times for the cane including when It is a stable position. I didn't hide my smirk fast enough. Dad looked at my face and he looked angry. Qiuckly he shoved me off his lap, pulled me over it pulled my pants down fast. He smacked my bottom. He only his me three times but it hurt more than any other time that he done it. He then pulled me back on his lap and gave me the kissed he usually did after a spanking.

Jul 27,  · Spanking Sarah Gregory Windsor Wednesday Classic – Classic Mother And Daughter Spanking Pics Grace’s Bedtime Spanking Mother Spanks Daughter – The Best Friend Spanking a naughty Catholic schoolgirl Two Spanking Comics Spanking Tags . Mar 12,  · Compilation of spanking related scenes from the TV series That 70s Show. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. Call Me By Your Name Bande-annonce VOSTFR. PremiereFR. E4F - Formentera Cardio Dance 70s Hits Workout Compilation - Fitness & Music Healthandfitnessmusic.

Feb 03,  · In the middle of a sex session, your partner starts spanking your butt. Or they capture your wrists in one hand and hold them overhead. Or you tie a scarf across their eyes and order them to lie. Rule was broken, it was addressed (real consequence/real spanking), and a new and improved habit was formed, thus eliminating this tension point from here on out. And even if he were to forget a month or two down the road, I find that I don’t get annoyed because in my position of power, I know exactly what I’m going to do to address it and.

How to try the leapfrog sex position Get into position. Think of this like a spanking new (pun intended) version of doggy-style. Ready? Get on your hands and knees, then, keeping your hips raised. Using a belt on the bare bottom hurts so much more than a hand or paddle, that it advances to the next level of corporal punishment. When a belt is used it's often referred to as a whipping. When the belt strikes the bottom the end of the belt whi.

The spanking was to be delivered by a large wheel with four leather paddles around its rim. The wheel was supported by a multi-jointed steel arm that would allow the position and angle of the wheel to change in order to cover the subject’s bottom in a carpet of spanks. Yes the enema punishment became a part of my regular punishment routine at around age 12 and was carried out until I graduated high school. The first part of discipline was me receiving a spanking, being paddled or getting a whipping with the belt.