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Do you know your crop from your cane? No? Watch this video with Jess Wilde to learn the differences between these 7 spanking toys. ***Liked this? You'll love. Interesting Toys Adult Products Black Mini Spanking Tempo Fun Toys Round Leather Pats (Black) $ $ 98 ($/Count) Get it as soon as Mon, Feb FREE Shipping on .

The ratings given are for implements used with average force upon a lightly clothed adult bottom. (Rating “H +” WARNING THIS IS NOT A TOY, IT IS CAPABLE OF DOING SERIOUS DAMAGE AND IS NOT FOR THE INEXPERIENCED!) massive page guide is a an exhaustive collection of spanking knowledge. It will help you to create a Spanking . It typically includes elements of roleplaying, dominance, submission, and other related interpersonal dynamics; oftentimes, impact play—such as whipping, spanking, and hair .