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An enclosure with dimensions of 24”x12”x12” is ideal for housing a single adult Western Hognose Snake. The enclosure can be a wooden or glass vivarium with sliding doors or removable lid, or an aquarium with a well ventilated and secure lid. They are also successfully kept in large plastic storage boxes with plenty of ventilation holes. Aug 13,  · With proper care, the average lifespan of a Western Hognose is around 18 years. In rare cases, some snakes have even surpassed the year mark! While there’s no way to estimate a snake’s exact life expectancy, you should view purchasing one as a fairly large long term commitment.

Western Hognose Snakes (Heterodon nasicus) Rating * Name Email * Review Subject * Comments * 3 Reviews Hide Reviews Show Reviews 5 Hognose snakes. Posted by Christian Rodriguez on Jan 27th I had ordered 2 hognose a male and female and there both perfect shipping was fast as well. Jul 10,  · Western Hognose(Heterodon nasicus) The Western hognose snake species, Heterodon nasicus (which is the most common species found in the pet trade), inhabits the central United States however subspecies are found ranging the US right through from Canada to Mexico, and also in Southern America. There is also a large speci.

Pre-Killed mice should be fed to Western Hognose Snakes as an adult rodent could bite the snake while it is trying to chew in the slow acting toxic saliva. Verdict. In America where Western Hognose Snakes are native they are not considered venomous. Despite forums placing them as mildly venomous and some pet shops putting then in the venomous. Snake breeders have a common preference for keeping Western Hognose Snakes as pets as they will only grow in small sizes compared to other snake types. They can be easily housed, and adult Western Hognose can live its entire life in a or gallon glass terrarium.

WE HAVE ADULT FEMALE AXANTHIC WESTERN HOGNOSE SNAKE FOR SALE. HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Originating From Canada Through The Central United States Even Into Northern Mexico With Proper Care And Handling These Snakes Can Live Up . Mar 20,  · Western hognose bites on humans are very rare, and they only occur as a feeding response, not as a sign of aggression on the part of the animal. Some western hognoses are aggressive feeders, so it is important to use hemostats when feeding or to leave food items in the cage with the animal, allowing them to eat when desired.

Adult Female Axanthic Western Hognose Snake $ Read more. Out of stock. Baby Caramel Snow Western Hognose Snake $ Read more. Out of stock. Eastern Hognose Snake $ Read more. Out of stock. Baby Caramel Western Hognose Snake $ Read more. Out of stock. Baby Snow Western Hognose Snake. Western Hognose-Heterodon nasicus Eastern Hognose snake-Heterodon platirhinos They will feel more secure in a suitably sized vivarium, which should be around 3ftx1ft for an adult, dependant on how big your Hognose Snake grows. Your Hognose Snake's Vivarium Should Contain: Substrate.