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The Critical Theory of Jurgen Habermas Jurgen Habermas is widely considered as the most influential thinker in Germany over the past decade []. As a philosopher and sociologist he has mastered and creatively articulated an extraordinary range of specialized literature in the social sciences, social theory and the history of ideas in the. This paper takes up an existing discussion around critical perspectives on adult education, in particular how empowerment and emancipation have been understood. Previously in this journal, concern has been raised with traditional understandings of critical adult education. The problem is that these tend to assume that learners require assistance from experts, be they teachers or Cited by: 1.

The literature on critical adult education abounds with writings from a Marxist perspective with Youngman () providing one of the finest studies in the area that includes a brilliant second chapter focusing on ‘Marxism and Learning.’. May 01,  · Critical rationality from a cross cultural perspective. Proceedings of the 35th annual adult education research conference, (pp. - ). .

In B. Merrill (Ed.) Proceedings of the 40th Annual Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults (SCUTREA). Warwick, UK: Warwick University. Alhadeff-Jones, M. (in press). Learning to Challenge Time in Adult Education: A Critical and Complex Perspective. In B. Merrill (Ed.). Adult Education Quarterly, 56, • Tisdell, E. & Tolliver E. (). Claiming a sacred face: The role of spirituality and cultural identity in transformative adult higher education. Journal of Transformative Education, 1(4). • Tisdell, E (). Spirituality and emancipatory adult education in women adult educators for.

On Literacy Anthologies and Adult Education: A Critical Perspective Eugene R. Kintgen, Barry M. Kroll, and Mike Rose, eds. Per-spectives on Literacy (Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois Univer-sity Press, ) pp., $ and $ Suzanne . Jul 20,  · As Shipway () observes in his A Critical Realist Perspective of Education, schools are particularly appropriate places for a (Marxian) critical realist analysis and reconstruction of values Author: Brad Shipway.

Apr 06,  · This survey paper examines selected issues related to the intersection of three broad scholarly areas: numeracy, adult education, and vulnerability. Numeracy encompasses the ways in which people cope with the mathematical, quantitative, and statistical demands of adult life, and is viewed as an important outcome of schooling and as a foundational skill for Cited by: 7. Adult Education Quarterly, 8, – Mezirow, J. (). Toward a theory of practice in education with particular reference to the education of adults. Adult Education Research Conference, Minneapolis, MN. February 27–28, (ERIC No. ED ) Mezirow, J. (). A critical theory of adult learning and education. Adult Education.