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i think your a cunt - I Think Your Aunt Made Tapes In The 80s

You’re a fucking angry little spastic. Ok, right let’s first off ah you’re 17 so you’re not even old enough to play this game, you’re from Scotland, not Nigeria anddd you annoy people and put them on YouTube cuz ur a cunt (which I totally agree with) so why don’t ya crawl back up ya mum’s fanny and die. You seem quite a hard cunt, confidence of Zeus runs through your body and mind, this is great. Now as you know im restricted by lord Boris teir 3 masterclass so a meetup will have to wait. Im not about nasty shit, just a good old tearup but after a friendly drink pr maybe find few other hard cunts to fight.

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I want you I want you You think you're looking cunt You think you're looking cunt You think you're looking cunt, right girl? You think you're. Anal Cunt. G.G. Allin. Brutality and Bloodshed for All. So you're dead and gone, I'll fuck your anal cunt A lifeless piece of flesh, I'll molest it if I want You're my feast, your soul has gone away But. To clarify, “cunt” is not a slur but a vulgar insult. Although it is associated with misogyny, it is nothing like the n-word, nor any other rightly stigmatized racist epithet, because it was.