Please shoot your cum on my face 3 - my cum dribbles and doesnt shoot


my cum dribbles and doesnt shoot - Please shoot your cum on my face 3

shooting / dribbling? Puberty For Boys. Virtual Teen Forums > Puberty > Puberty For Boys: shooting / dribbling? It used to shoot up to the bottom of my pecs. Now it just seems to pump out and pool around my belly button. There is just as much cum as there used to be -- no change in volume; just in distance. And orgasms still feel as good as ever. I'm not really concerned about fertility, because I don't plan to .

Some guys shoot but not a lot. And some guys dribble out a bunch. Sleepy did a good job with basic hydraulics information. A larger load (hydration and supps) combined with a stronger pump (generic health and kegals) will help a lot. I am one week into taking this stack, and have noticed that my cum is now extremely THICK but it appears to be the same volume as before, it is just really really thick and goopy now. Also, before I started this stack, I was able to shoot one rope and then dribble about

No, its perfectly normal. Some people shoot, some dribble and some can do both or switch around. Im 17 and when i ejaculate my sperm doesn't shoot it it just drips down? 1 doctor answer • 1 doctor weighed in 90, U.S. doctors in specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more.

When men cum do they usually "shoot" it accross the room or at the wall or whatever? I've been concerned that I am somehow abnormal for some time as when I come it usually just sort of oozes out, it doesn't shoot but just oozes out and over the sides of my penis (this is when I masterbate) so that I have to wash it to get most of the cum off. When I ejaculate, my sperm seems to just dribble out, instead of spurting, as it used to. Is there something wrong with me.

no, not at all. some boys just are able to shoot their semen out further than other, especially those on porn videos but many boys have ejaculations that just spurt once or twice then the rest of. my bfs cum doesnt shoot out it just kinda dribbles out. I wanna know if thats still enough tp get prego. I just really want a baby triscuit Asked Dec 19, Report abuse. 0. Add comment. when you have sex, even if he pulls out, no matter how his cum comes out of .