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Feb 19,  · TOTAL PAROTIDECTOMY Total parotidectomy is the total removal of the superficial and deep parotid gland. The operation may involve sparing or sacrifice of the facial nerve branches or trunk depending on tumor extent to the nerve. INDICATIONS: 1. The parotidectomy procedure is the modern patient choice for parotid tumor removal. Accessory parotid gland tumors are located in difficult to reach areas of the face. Typically, long facial incisions are used to gain access. This approach leaves scarring and facial contour deformities.

Jan 07,  · Parotidectomy: The branches of the facial nerve are identified anteriorly, as they enter the muscles of facial expression. They are dissected retrogradely and preserved. The tumor and the superficial lobe of the parotid are removed. The white wire is the ground electrode of the facial nerve stimulator. Feb 12,  · • Total parotidectomy: This involves resection of the entire parotid gland, usually with preservation of the facial nerve • Extended Total Parotidectomy: Removal of the superficial and deep parotid gland also may be extended to involve adjacent structures such as the overlying skin, the underlying mandible, the temporal bone and external.

The completion parotidectomy was done with retrograde dissection of the facial nerve (following the previously identified lower division) back to the main trunk followed by antegrade dissection with follow-up several months later after irradiation (click image to open gallery of enlarged images below). Facial Reanimation Result of smile restoring surgery for complete left sided facial paralysis. Treatment: Dual innervation with a combination of cross facial nerve graft and hypoglossal nerve transfer. The cross facial nerve graft recruits facial nerve function from the normal right face to allow a spontaneous smile and movement on the left side.

Parotid Surgery This article explores facial paralysis – a rare but significant complication associated with parotid surgery. During parotid surgery, there is a level of risk to the facial nerve, a delicate structure that is responsible for the full scope of /5(). Sep 24,  · There are 2 lobes to the parotid gland, superficial and deep lobe, if they stated superficial it is the lateral lobe and they did a partial parotidectomy with facial nerve dissection (they preserved the nerves) and therefore you would bill You cannot bill for D/C, this surgery has a 90 day global.

Facial weakness There is a very important nerve that passes right through the parotid gland, called the facial nerve. This makes the muscles of the face move. If it is damaged during surgery it can lead to a weakness of the face (facial palsy). In most cases the nerve works normally after the surgery. However, in about % of. Superficial Parotidectomy As the name suggests, this surgery will be fairly close to the surface and require less recovery time. There is minimal interaction with the facial nerves because the problems do not lie as deep as the others. Total Parotidectomy Removal of both the superficial and deeper parts of the Parotid Gland.